Blob Boy is a Super villain that is an enemy of Mutant . Blob boy's real name is Robert Evans, a maintenance worker at Ross Labs.


During a normal day at Ross Labs, Adam Ross pays a visit to request more gadgets to help him on his heroic duties. Suddenly, a nuclear reactor inside the factory leaks onto Evans. He is stunned, and he stumbles into a experimental gel, and his body is transformed into a unstable blob. He claims that Mutant had something to do with it, as he was at the labs when the accident happened. He sought revenge on Mutant, attacking him during the Kingston Street Fair. He is defeated by Mutant, and is washed down the storm drains into the sewers. Here, he spends weeks training himself to transform his body into various weapons to defeat Mutant with. He then returns to the surface and attacks Mutant a few weeks later. Mutant uses a cryogenic liquid to freeze Blob Boy, and before Mutant can shatter Him, Ape Fist swipes his frozen corpse. Ape Fist is able to reanimate Blob Boy, and give him control over his body. They then team up to defeat Mutant once and for all. They eventually lose the battle, and Blob Boy disappears from Kingston for a while. He then returns briefly to find Ape Fist, but stumbles upon Mutant and Mutation. He is overpowered, captured, and sent to Dino Island for testing.

Shipped to Sector 6Edit

Blob boy is briefly shipped to Dino Island for testing, but is labeled unstable and sent to Sector 6. There, he meets Lawyersarus, where they team up to defeat Mutant, Mutation, and Tyrant Boy. They take out the outpost on the island, and Tyrant Boy is sent to Investigate. There, he is ambushed by Blob Boy, Lawyersarus, and other failed recreations. Tyrant Boy eventually wins, by killing Lawyersarus, and adding a chemical to Blob Boy to make his body's makeup unstabe beyond repair.