The Kennedy Incident was the sinking and destroying of the USS John F. Kennedy on January 5, 2010.

The IncidentEdit

The USS John F. Kennedy was on a return trip from Cuba when is was forced to sail into outer Atlantic waters due to storms. When it entered deeper water, it was attacked by Commandoes under Dr. Gresa's Control. The entire ship was destroyed and sunk in 13 minuets after first being attacked. Records show that everyone was killed. But nobody really knows that Adam Ross, the ship's technician, was the only man to survive.

The Government's ResponseEdit

The government had no idea how ship sunk until later satellite intel showed Commandoes attacking the ship. The President authorized a full global search to find the base of the Commandoes, but was never found. Mutant, Mutation, and Dr. Gresa are the only people that know the Location of the Labs, which would later be destroyed by Mutant.