Ross Enterprises is the massive company owned by CEO John Ross. Ross Enterprises centers around producing new technology, weapons development, and other devices. Ross Enterprises is located in Kingston City, in the Ross Tower.


John Ross founded Ross Enterprises after winning the lottery in 1989. He started out in his basement by developing the first Heat Seeking missile. Word spread to the U.S. Army, and they paid Ross big money to develop more weapons. He soon built Ross Labs, near the coast of Kingston. It was here where Ross and his scientists invented many weapons, including the Fenzer 99, the Sparky, and other weapons. Soon, Ross branched off from making weapons, and started making household utilities, such as improved dishwashers and ovens. This brought in so much profit that Ross built Ross tower in Kingston. Soon, Ross Enterprises left the Utilities department and went back to making weapons.

Current StatusEdit

Ross Enterprises is currently the 15th most valuable company in the entire world. It is now led by Richard Archer, after the death of John Ross.