Tyrant Boy (Or Troy Maxwell) Is a super hero in the MAD Comics Universe. He is a teenage boy who has the ability to transform into a Tyrannosarus Rex at will. Troy protects his father's theme park, Dino Island, from threats like Lawyersarus and The Shadow.


Troy James Maxwell was born to Jeff and Sarah Maxwell. At age three, Sarah died from cancer. Troy became depressed, as his father was always at work. Soon, his father started Dino Island Inc., and started using new cloning technology to clone dinosaurs. He then bought a island off the coast of California, and built a Theme park to showcase his creations.

Dino Island IncidentEdit

On Opening day for the Theme Park Dino Island, Troy Maxwell, son of Jeff Maxwell, was visiting the Labs on the island. He soon became locked inside a testing room. Thinking a power switch was the light switch, Troy accidentally turned on Dino Island's newest Cloning Device, the Cell Processor 3000. Troy was soon covered in revived T.Rex cells, and was transformed into a T.Rex. Troy then lost control of his new body as he rampages through the park, eventually being tranquelized by DIR. Troy soon awoke with his personality back, but he was still a Dinosaur, and the rangers had locked him in an enclosure. He was soon attacked by Lawyersarus, but he defeated him easily. Realizng what great power he had, Troy accepted to guard Dino island from al threats.


Troy has the power to transform into a T.Rex at will, using the dinosaur cells contained in his body. When in T.Rex Form, Troy can lift many tons, and has a hard bite. When in human form, Troy can jump almost 20 feet high, and can sprint longer that any regular human.